Add unsafe BBCodes

⚠ Do not create unsafe BBCodes unless you know exactly what you're doing. ⚠

By default, unsafe BBCodes are rejected. However, it is possible to force the plugin to accept an unsafe BBCode by using an UnsafeTemplate object for its template.

use s9e\TextFormatter\Configurator\Exceptions\UnsafeTemplateException;
use s9e\TextFormatter\Configurator\Items\UnsafeTemplate;

$templates = [
    'Normal behaviour' => '<script>{TEXT}</script>',
    ' Unsafe template' => new UnsafeTemplate('<script>{TEXT}</script>')

$configurator = new s9e\TextFormatter\Configurator;
foreach ($templates as $desc => $template)
        echo $desc, ': ';
        $configurator->BBCodes->addCustom('[js={TEXT}]', $template);
        echo "The BBCode was added successfully.\n";
    catch (UnsafeTemplateException $e)
        echo $e->getMessage(), ".\n";
Normal behaviour: Attribute 'js' is not properly sanitized to be used in this context.
 Unsafe template: The BBCode was added successfully.