Fatdown, a Markdown bundle that doesn't suck too bad

Fatdown is a bundle based on the Litedown plugin which supports most of Markdown's features, plus the MediaEmbed and FancyPants plugins for media embedding and enhanced typography.


You can try the real-time JavaScript demo, or you can compare Fatdown to various Markdown implementations via the wonderful Babelmark 2.


use s9e\TextFormatter\Bundles\Fatdown as TextFormatter;

$text = '**Fatdown** implements a Markdown-like syntax plus extra Stuff(tm).';
$xml  = TextFormatter::parse($text);
$html = TextFormatter::render($xml);

echo $html;
<p><strong>Fatdown</strong> implements a Markdown-like syntax plus extra Stuff™.</p>

Why Fatdown doesn't suck

Unlike the original Markdown specification and most Markdown flavours, Fatdown's HTML support does not allow JavaScript to be executed and is suitable for untrusted input.

use s9e\TextFormatter\Bundles\Fatdown as TextFormatter;

$text = '<img src="" onerror="alert(1)"/>';
$xml  = TextFormatter::parse($text);
$html = TextFormatter::render($xml);

echo $html;
<p><img src=""></p>


  • Autoemail
  • Autolink
  • Escaper
  • FancyPants
  • HTMLComments
  • HTMLElements
  • HTMLEntities
  • Litedown
  • MediaEmbed
  • PipeTables
  • TaskLists


  • a with a mandatory href attribute and an optional title attributes
  • abbr with an optional title attribute
  • b, em, i, s, strong, u
  • br
  • code
  • dl, dt and dd
  • del and ins
  • div with an optional class attribute
  • hr
  • img with a mandatory src attribute and optional alt and title attributes
  • rb, rp, rt and rtc for all your ruby needs
  • span with an optional class attribute
  • sub and sup
  • table, tbody, tfoot, thead
  • td with optional colspan and rowspan attributes
  • th with optional colspan, rowspan and scope attributes


URLs from the following sites are automatically embedded: Bandcamp, Dailymotion, Facebook, Liveleak, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitch, Vimeo, Vine and YouTube.