Your own bundle

To create your own bundle, first configure all of the plugins and settings, then call $configurator->saveBundle() with the name of the class and where to save it as a file.

$configurator = new s9e\TextFormatter\Configurator;
$configurator->Emoticons->add(':)', '/path/to/img.png');

$success = $configurator->saveBundle('MyBundle', '/tmp/MyBundle.php');

Then you can use your own bundle as you would any other:

// Include the bundle's file manually if your autoloader isn't configured for it
include_once '/tmp/MyBundle.php';

$text = '[b]Hello World[/b]';
$xml  = MyBundle::parse($text);
$html = MyBundle::render($xml);

echo $html;
<b>Hello World</b>

Customize a bundle

For convenience, you can use an existing bundle as a starting point to create your own. To do so, instead of creating a new configurator, you can obtain an instance of the bundle's configurator. Then you can save it back as your own bundle.

// Use the Forum bundle's configurator
$configurator = s9e\TextFormatter\Configurator\Bundles\Forum::getConfigurator();

// Customize it to your need

// Save it back as your own
$configurator->saveBundle('MyBundle', '/tmp/MyBundle.php');